Abstract – 12X12″

All below Art is hand painted with acrylics or resin. Many items are coated with resin. Several have some gold or silver leaf, glass and other material for the texture and visual effects.

Please contact me if you have a specific color in mind. I have many more painting or can work on commission.

Each 12×12” painting is $120 (includes continental US shipping)


“I am a butterfly” – multimedia on 12×12”


“Purple delight” – 12×12”
“Large blue flower” – 12×12” acrylics, silver ink, resin

“The gold chaos” – 12×12” acrylic, gold leaf, resin.
Summer blooms – 12×12” acrylic, broken mirror and resin

Fire and ice – 12×12” acrylic and resin

Gold lilac – acrylic, resin and glass on 12x12x1.5” canvas
Summer wind – 12×12” acrylic and resin – sold 
Colorful Dance – (Acrylic and Resin) – sold 

The blue bird – 12×12” resin and acrylic

Earth – 12×12” acrylic and resin.
The Space - acrylic
The Space – acrylic
Blue Mountains - acrylic
Blue Mountains – acrylic
The Octopus – Acrylic
Smore’s – acrylic and resin
Monarch Butterfly – acrylic – sold 
Slime – acrylic
Ice 1 – acrylic
Lucky one – acrylic
Another fire – acrylic
The gray and silver abstract- acrylic
The icing on the cake – acrylic
The butterfly – acrylic
Cupcakes- acrylic
The dragon – acrylic
Pink brick road. – acrylic and resin
Red fan flower- acrylic