Animals & more

Listed paintings are unframed unless specified otherwise. Most of the paintings below are done with oil.

Please note that the frame is not included, if you wish to purchase a frame for your painting, it will be in addition to the listed price.

If you are looking for a special painting, painting of your pet, or the favorite landscape – please contact me to discuss.

Shipping prices are in addition to the price of the painting.

Thank you.

What is this? – an oil painting on 16×20” canvas – $1,125

Pet me please! – 11×14” oil on Canvas board – $499
Cochrane spaniel – 14×11” oil on canvas board $499
“The King” – 18×24” oil on canvas – $1,500
Girlfriends – in the gallery (oil on 20X16″) – $1,125 (unframed)
Cassie –  (oil on 20×16″) – $1,125 (unframed)
Good Morning –  (oil on 16×20″)  – $1,125 (unframed)
Cat Painting –  (oil on 10×8″) – $300