Sale: each set is $40 including the free continental US shipping!

My coasters are hand painted with acrylics, ink, mica powder and covered with food safe resin. Most of sets have 4 coasters, some have 3, 5 or 6.

Please contact me if you have a specific color in mind. I have many more sets.

Each set of coasters is $40 unless specified otherwise. The standard continental US shipping is included.

Please specify the set or sets you are purchasing in your note with the PayPal payment.


Yaneya art for $40

In your comments, please specify the name of the art you are purchasing.



Turquoise breeze – Set of 4 resin on wood

Swept by the water- set of 4 resin on wood

Happy thanksgiving- set of 4 resin on wood

Brownstone – Set of 4 resin on wood

Sparkle in the trees – set of 4 resin and glass coasters

Gold, pink and orange set of 4 coasters with high edge.

Ocean star fish – set of 5

“blue melody” set #1 :  set of 4

Set of 4 round crushed shell silver coasters.

Blue web – set of 4.
Deep blue with white-  set of 4
“ocean foam” – set #2: set of 4
‘blue and copper” Set # 4:  set of 3
$20 - set of 4
“hot lava coasters” –  set of 4
$20 - set of 4
“the love for green”- – set of 4
lovely blues
“lovely blues” – set of 4
sparkles and pink – set of 4