It is so hard to decide on the direction of this painting.

I just painted this “baby peonies”. And I just cannot decide on the proper direction of this painting. Where is the top and where is the bottom! This is a question!!

Cannot stop painting

With the lockdown and shelter in place, I have been painting all the free time. It is amazing how much extra time I actually have with no sports or music to take kids to.

Please check out my website and name new paintings.

Summer Field of Flowers



This is a multimedia painting on 20×20″ canvas.

I absolutely love painting flower. In this painting I wanted to show a field of summer pink, yellow, red and gold flowers.  The gold leaf represents the reflection of the sun and the happiness of the summer season.

Please let me know if you have any questions or wish to purchase this painting.

I am listing it under my Abstract 20×20″ page.

YaneyaArt for $290

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My new Ocean wave clock.

Just wanted to share with you my latest 12″ resin painting of the ocean waves. I love water and I wish that I can be closer to the ocean. But since I am not, I am painting water 😉.


If you wish to purchase it, It is available for sale under my abstract page.