Abstract – 12X12″

All below are hand painted with acrylics and many are coated with resin.

Please contact me if you have a specific color in mind. I have many more painting or can work on commission.

Each set painting is $65 plus shipping, unless specified otherwise.

Please specify the name of the painting you are purchasing in your note with the PayPal payment.


12×12″ painting by YaneyaArt

Please specify the name of the painting(s) you are purchasing.



Turquoise Round painting on 12” diameter (resin)


Summer blooms – 12×12” acrylic, broken mirror and resin


Fire and ice – 12×12” acrylic and resin

Gold lilac – acrylic, resin and glass on 12x12x1.5” canvas
Summer wind – 12×12” acrylic and resin
Colorful Dance – (Acrylic and Resin)
Purple wonderland – 12×12” resin and acrylic

The blue bird – 12×12” resin and acrylic

Earth – 12×12” acrylic and resin.
The Space - acrylic
The Space – acrylic
Blue Mountains - acrylic
Blue Mountains – acrylic
The Octopus – Acrylic

Smore’s – acrylic and resin
Ocean Blue – acrylic
Monarch Butterfly – acrylic
Slime – acrylic
Ice 1 – acrylic
Lucky one – acrylic
Another fire – acrylic
The gray and silver abstract- acrylic
The icing on the cake – acrylic
The butterfly – acrylic
Cupcakes- acrylic
Raspberry- acrylic
The dragon – acrylic
Turquoise geode- acrylic, resin, glass
Pink brick road. – acrylic and resin
Red fan flower- acrylic